security ssl cert google

Google Not Secure Warning if no SSL Cert

Starting October 2017, Chrome will show a ‘NOT SECURE’ warning when users enter text in a form on a HTTP page.

picmonkey image editing tool

Useful Screen Capture & Image Editing Tools

For many businesses the creation, resizing and editing of simple images to go on websites, in blog posts or email newsletters can be a real headache. It can often be the roadblock that stops the spontaneous article or post being published. Worse still a badly edited image is used which negatively impacts rather than enhances the content of the piece. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Facebook and Pinterest are so popular as people can just upload the photo not worry about dimensions and optimisation?

To help with this problem we thought we would share with you some of the screen capture and image editing tools we find useful.

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how to choose a startup business name and domain name

How to choose a startup business name and domain name

This post shows you how to choose a startup business name and domain name.

Killarney chamber of commerce speed networking event

Killarney Chamber Speed Networking Event


Re-branding Social Media Accounts

At first a re-brand might seem like a straightforward task. Simply choose a new business name, decide on colours and a new logo, build a new website with fresh new content. Surely that’s it ?

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pinterest for business

5 Ways to use Pinterest to benefit your business

Pinterest has been around for about six years and has grown to an impressive 100 million monthly users as of September 2015. It is a virtual scrapbooking site and originally started in the USA’s home arts and crafts sector.

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how to fix hacked twitter

What To Do If Your Twitter Account Gets Hacked!


Have you ever received a direct message in Twitter (a DM) from a follower you know saying something uncharacteristic like ‘Hey, someone is saying really bad things about you’.

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linkedin video tutorial

How to connect a LinkedIn Personal Profile through to a LinkedIn Company Page [Video Tutorial]

In this video tutorial we show how a LinkedIn Profile is often incorrectly linked to a LinkedIn Company Page and how to correct it.

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merge google pages

How to Merge Your Google+ Brand & Local Pages [Video Tutorial]

This video tutorial shows you how to Merge Google Pages

Back when Google Plus for Business started out many businesses at the time set up a Brand Page. Then some time later they may have decided to register their business on Google Maps which generated a second Google Page (Google Local) page automatically. This can be a problem if you have already begun to develop the brand page and gain followers. Up to recently there was no way to combine the 2 pages but in June 2014 Google released a feature allowing just that. Happy Days!

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google plus for business

Why every business should have a Google+ page

Are you running a business that would benefit from more traffic to your website?

Would you like to get a free SEO kick from Google?

Then read on to see why it makes sense to get on board with Google+ if you haven’t already.

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