Social Media Setup

GFX Design Studio can help you examine ways you can use social media to connect with customers and potential customers and to build your brand. You may be unsure which platform is right for your business or worried that managing social media will be a drain on your already limited time?

We believe that the trick is in having a plan and setting up your social profiles correctly to start with.

Providing the mechanism on your website for you and your website visitors to share your website content from your site greatly helps with Search Engine Optimisation too. See the social sharing widgets below every article on this site as an example of this – Go on, we’d love if you shared our stuff!

Social Media changes quickly and often. If you would like us to help you keep abreast of the trends and see how it will help your business then Contact Us Today.

We can tailor a package for your business from the following options:

  • Facebook

    • Set up the account and page including setup as a place to allow for Facebook check-ins if that is appropriate.
    • Create a unique cover photo image and profile image
    • Consultation on how to use your posts and engage with your audience
    • Consultation on how to manage page admins and invite email contacts to build your audience
    • Integrate with Twitter (Where applicable)
    • Integrate Facebook into your web site (Where applicable)
      We can also build Facebook App tabs which will allow you to to promote your business services and products easily to your followers. See Landing Pages for more details.
  • Google+

    Google Plus is becoming increasingly important particularly for ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses. A properly configured Google+ company page can have a very positive effect on the ranking and SEO of a website.

    • Set up the account
    • Add a profile picture and cover photo
    • Add contact information, text, photos and videos as appropriate
    • Integrate Google+ into your web site (Where applicable)
  • YouTube

    For many YouTube is the search engine of choice so it is worthwhile making sure your business is well represented here. Even if your business doesn’t immediately lend itself to video you should consider using simple slideshows to promote your products or even training tutorials or seasonal photo gallery slideshows.

    • We can set up your YouTube Channel
    • Design and upload a background image or just a simple colour to match your brand
    • Connect your TouTube channel to your Google+ page
    • Consultation on how to maximise the impact of videos uploaded
    • Consultation on how to build playlists
    • Integrate YouTube videos into your web site (where applicable)
    • If you don’t have any videos we can help by creating simple video slideshows from your available content. See Video Marketing.
  • LinkedIn

    A LinkedIn company page is important especially if your business is in the B2B (Business to Business) sector. Think of your LinkedIn company page as an extension of your business website.

    • Set up staff LinkedIn accounts connected to a LinkedIn Company Page.
    • We will help you to complete your profile by including profile images and products.
    • We will advise you on how to connect with people, businesses and groups relevant to your sector.
    • We will advise you on how to use posts and updates correctly to create interest and encourage connections to your profile
  • Twitter

    • Set up the account
    • Configure your profile with a background image and/or colour to suit your brand.
    • Consultation on how to use tweets, search for relevant content, use hashtags ‘#’ to get yourself noticed by potential followers.
    • Integrate your tweets with Facebook (Where applicable)
    • Integrate Twitter into your web site (Where applicable)
  • Pinterest

    Pinterest is a great way to send traffic to your site if you have lots of images and videos. It is particularly suitable for craft, tourism or food related businesses.
    Our Pinterest Set Up service includes:

    • Set up a Pinterest account
    • Set up relevant boards and get you started will some images in each board
    • We will advise you on how to connect with people and businesses relevant to your sector.
    • We will show you how to link your images back to your website to get the most from any possible traffic to your site.
    • We can also setup a Facebook App Tab that shows your Pinterest boards on Facebook – Complete the social circle.

    Read more about Pinterest in our blog article here.