This post shows you how to choose a startup business name and domain name.

how to choose a startup business name and domain name

If you are a startup business you need to consider your online presence as early as possible. Deciding on your startup business name and domain name can be both great fun and also a major hurdle for a startup brand but is something that deserves proper consideration. Nothing can really progress until your business name is settled, your domain name secured and your logo and brand design is at least underway.

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Here is a checklist of things to consider when choosing a startup business name and domain name:

  1. Is your domain name available as a .com? You can check this at
  2. Even if you choose to purchase a domain other than a .com you should know if any other businesses have that business name. Make sure you are happy with the nature of companies with the same or similar names. You may choose an unusual quirky word that sounds cool but it could represent something unsavoury in another culture or language. If the .com is available you should buy it as well even if you are planning to use .ie or another extension. This ensures no-one else will get it and you may need to use it at some stage.
  3. Check if any other business has already registered that business name. They may not have got around to purchasing a domain name but if there is a registered business with your chosen name then it is information worth having. In Ireland you can check this at the Companies Registration Office at .
  4. Do a simple Google search of your chosen startup business name before buying it. You may be surprised that the business name or domain name was previously used which should prompt you to check for any residual reputation risk that could affect your fledgling business.
  5. Check all the social media platforms for your new business name. Again this could yield interesting parallels.
  6. Can you claim your chosen social media names? Is your preferred Facebook and Twitter name taken?
  7. Once you decide on your startup business name you should register your business at the Companies Registration Office at . This is important but definitely required if you plan to purchase a .ie domain name.

Useful websites to brainstorm domain names are and

Finally you should purchase your domain and hosting or speak to your website designer who can do this for you. We suggest the Free Domain and Hosting Offer* from BlueHost.

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